Routine Comes First

With the exception of getting hurt really bad and having a death in the family, you should always make time to do something you’re committed to every day. It’s acceptable to have an off day, but let’s say you work out. If you’re working out, you do not want to get into the habit of missing days, ever.

Now you may be thinking, isn’t it a little harsh to only miss when something as extreme as mentioned above happens? True. It is fairly extreme, but the point in being dedicated and committed to something is to make sure that you develop the character needed to be punctual and to achieve your goals. It’s about having the attitude that dictates you’ll never want to miss an opportunity to better yourself.

Remember this, and if you’re feeling like skipping a day just make sure you know that an attitude of skipping, quitting, and not trying is never going to bring you the benefits of being the person who gets things done every time.

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Lift Right, Before You Lift Heavy

Remember how important form is. You wouldn’t want to look like the guy doing squats really wrong who winds up breaking his back. Thanks for reading.

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Good Attitude For Good Gains

One thing that I feel is often overlooked is our mindsets in the gym. It’s almost as if simply believing you can lift ten more pounds can get you a rep at times, and attitude is also crucial for committing to your gym endeavors.

Today, hopefully, you can reflect on this thought: Your attitude with life will carry into working out. Try to keep yourself calm and happy with your life and take your lifting experience to a new level by having the proper attitudes of commitment and self belief.

See how this works for you, and if outside of the gym, it makes you a happier person in general.

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