Good Attitude For Good Gains

One thing that I feel is often overlooked is our mindsets in the gym. It’s almost as if simply believing you can lift ten more pounds can get you a rep at times, and attitude is also crucial for committing to your gym endeavors.

Today, hopefully, you can reflect on this thought: Your attitude with life will carry into working out. Try to keep yourself calm and happy with your life and take your lifting experience to a new level by having the proper attitudes of commitment and self belief.

See how this works for you, and if outside of the gym, it makes you a happier person in general.

Originally posted 2015-08-15 18:04:35.

Lifting Hard vs Lifting Long

Should I lift for a long period of time and go slow or should I lift really hard for a shorter duration of time?

I’m glad you asked! Idealistically, it would be great if we could all workout for hours on end and go as hard as possible the entire time.

However, I sadly say to you now, that is not naturally or normally possible. I know very little about steroids but I assume they would have an effect similar to that based on what I’ve heard. For answering the question above, I won’t dive any deaper on steroids or what is naturally attainable.

I just want to give you an answer…an answer, from my opinion, of whether you should work hard or long.

I’d say that those two terms are probably a lot more subjective than what you’d think. If you’re hitting one muscle group like biceps, then it probably won’t take long however you can still put forth the maximum effort.

..which is always the goal. Going to the gym, we always want to put forth maximum effort in order to see results. That being said, it’s a good rule of thumb to train by feel. 

You could also follow a good programs you find online. I’ve made a few on Maxed Out Muscles and there are plenty of them you could find on other sources. I’ll try to put a category together, to archive all my workouts for you, sometime in the near future.

So..for the long and short of it, don’t worry about how long it takes you to work out on any given day but always put forth the maximum effort. That is my opinion…but hey, I’m right 😉 

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