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Breaking In On Leg Day

I’ve been taking a few days off to relax. It’s really helped me feel like I have some control over my time, and it’s helped me keep calm through the week.

However, there’s a time to relax and a time to work hard and today was one of the latter times. I got back from my weekend and went on to work out on legs.  I didn’t do a lot for squats but substituted some leg presses and some isolation exercises.

I feel that they are important, and ALSO I’ve noticed that my back has been hurting a lot more lately. It’s my personal belief that proper squats will help me with that by increasing my core stability and strength.

With that all being said, I enjoyed my time off but hitting the gym can be a lot more productive for multiple reasons.


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Positive Thoughts Promote A Good Body

Just by having positive thoughts, you can have a better chance at getting that physique you want. More than likely, if you keep your mind positive and follow up with good diet and workouts, you will achieve your physique goals.

Why is this so? Because, simply by thinking positive you are avoiding body dismorphia. I’m not saying you should stop eating right and exercising, but a lot of people struggle with beating themselves up when the scale doesn’t say what they want it to or they think in their minds that they look chubbier one day.

The truth is something like that could be caused by water retention or gained muscle. Simply stick to your diet and exercise, and don’t stress. Stay positive! There’s no better way to be. 

After all, you want to enjoy every step of the way towards your end results. Whether it be bigger arms, six pack abs, or great conditioning you just need to keep your diet and exercise in check and also remember to love yourself every step of the way.

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Learn From The Masters via Osmosis

“Hey!  Have you tried this lift?”

“No.  I’ve actually never done that.  How does it work?”

“Well; this exercise gives you a huge abdominal burn.  If done right,  you will really feel it tomorrow man.  You start at a deadlift and then jerk and do a shoulder press basically.”

This is how a conversation went with my friend Bernie at the gym.  He has been working out quite a bit longer than I have!  Heck, the guy is a lot older than me.

He has truly learned a lot of tricks to building muscle and staying lean through the years and his workouts are top notch.  I’ve learned to listen to Bernie and a couple of the older guys when I go to the gym.

..and why wouldn’t I!?

The guys going there have been going for years.  I’ve been going to the gym for approximately….

9 months.


That being said, I simply choose to learn from the masters.

and they have a LOT of great advice!  I think today was one of the best workouts I have had in a time and a half.  That wasn’t even mentioning the fact that I usually don’t get the amount of ab work done that I had today.

..and I got all of this done through watching Bernie do the lift and then attempting to do it myself.  It’s literally like I learned from osmosis.  At about the third set, I had the form nearly perfect.  Throughout the lifts I also realized that my breathing was..

..well, my breathing was WHACK! Sorry for the 90s-ish slang.  It just seemed like such a surprise that out of all the things dealing with form I couldn’t get down the breathing!  Honestly, I think it’s a common issue too.

…so today, I sit here and I’m relaxed; and today, I think that I’ve learned a lot!  I learned an awesome new lift, learned to focus more on my breathing, and reassured myself that I need to learn from the seasoned lifters at my gym.

I hope you can take my story and do with it what you will!  Take from my experience if you can and learn via osmosis!

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