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Building Muscle Is Mostly A Matter of Consistency

First post on “MAXED OUT MUSCLES”, or MOM for short, and I just want to keep it simple and say that building up muscle is mostly just a matter of consistency.  Don’t worry about your gains too much or read a million articles.  Just go to the gym and get shit done.  As long as you are consistently working out, you will get amazing results in a year.  Done.

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Eat Some Real Food

I was at GNC a few months ago, basically just to buy my creotine monohydrate and to meet my friend Jake.  We were going to work on getting my website self-hosted(it is now) and start working on the app(we didn’t reach that point but now the Maxed Out Muscles app is up and running on the Google Play store).

As I was browsing through the different brands and prices, because they’re all basically the same and I wanted to save money, I found the cheapest container with the most creotine. It was the GNC brand.

When I was done, I had some money left over so I decided to browse around. I was honestly really surprised and amazed by all of the different things I saw that I never knew about before. There was bodybuilder peanut butter, protein shakes, protein potato chips,

Hell..even protein pancake batter!

I couldn’t resist getting some easy protein macros in for a reasonable price so I bought a box of the protein chips. It had about eight bags, I think, for around $20. That wasn’t too bad, but looking back I realize something.

I realize now that, since I started lifting, I have progressively spent less and less money on supplements. Even now, I think the protein chips were almost a waste of money(although they weren’t half bad). 

Now I’d take that money and buy a steak at the grocery store. I’d take that money and buy chicken. I’d buy seasonings. Then I’d go home, I’d throw them seasonings on my food, and I’d grill or fry my meal and then enjoy!

…and you know, this has gotten so much easier over time too. The past couple of weeks since beginning my cut I have lost most of my fast food cravings, spent tremendously less money, and eaten healthier.

My Crohn’s and eczema have been disappearing, my body fat is dropping, I feel great, and I have a newfound confidence. I’m confident knowing that I have control over my weight, my health, and my happiness. I’m also confident knowing that I am making the right choices.

Today I want to invite you to do the same. Don’t worry about what supplements to buy, don’t waste your money on fast food, but go to the grocery store and buy something good for your body. Also get yourself some seasonings.

This was just my two cents for the day. I think that this has definitely been something you probably already knew, but I know hearing it and reading it more will help you take action.

..and that’s what I want. I want you to read this, make better choices, eat well, and be happy!


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An App For Maxed Out Muscles

A SURPRISE! I’ve mentioned a few times that I had a surprise coming for everyone who reads my blog. This is it!

I have collaborated with a good friend of mine from work who created an amazing app for Maxed Out Muscles.

You can see my latest blogs, and see archives on different topics. You can look up fitness, diet, Crohn’s Disease and more.

This image is actually the logo for my site AND the app!

As of now the app is only available if you download your apps from the Google Play store. It is titled Maxed Out Muscles, but I’ll post the link below to take you directly to it if you want to download it:

Thanks for your constant support to Maxed Out Muscles and enjoy the app!

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