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Breaking In On Leg Day

I’ve been taking a few days off to relax. It’s really helped me feel like I have some control over my time, and it’s helped me keep calm through the week.

However, there’s a time to relax and a time to work hard and today was one of the latter times. I got back from my weekend and went on to work out on legs.  I didn’t do a lot for squats but substituted some leg presses and some isolation exercises.

I feel that they are important, and ALSO I’ve noticed that my back has been hurting a lot more lately. It’s my personal belief that proper squats will help me with that by increasing my core stability and strength.

With that all being said, I enjoyed my time off but hitting the gym can be a lot more productive for multiple reasons.


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Busy On The Work Grind and Taking A Rest Day


I thought it would never come to this..

But I’m skipping leg day.

*Dun* *DUN* *DUNN*

That’s so dramatically terrible, I know. However, I worked hard today and I did stay in a caloric deficit.

One thing I am definitely proud of is the fact that I am going through with this cut and making daily progress. The funniest thing is the fact that the scale doesn’t seem to show a difference but definition on my abdominals is able to do all the talking for this cut.

Also, less puffiness in my face is nice! With a thinner face, a thinner gut, and bigger arms who needs leg day!?

Just kidding…



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Sticking To The Objective

Lots of things can happen in a week and it’s important to keep your objectives in mind;  hell, a lot of things can happen in a day!  Things change so much even minute to minute, and life has so much turbulence, that it’s important to stay consistent and remember your goals.

This week I’ve been hit with a lot!  That is, I’ve been hit with a lot of learning experiences.  From forgetting about a Remicade appointment(for my Crohn’s Disease) and having to rush to the hospital to get it in time, to working on a HUGE surprise for all of my viewers this has been a crazy week.

Throughout the week, though, I haven’t kept up on my posts so here is this:  I should have!   I also skipped a day of working out; should have done that too!  I think you’ll forgive me when you realize what has been on the works to add to the entertainment on Maxed Out Muscles.

What would a trip to the gym be without ‘Swole’fies.

Long story short, I’ve been busy this week but I’m striving to stick to what I love doing in this life!  Writing and working out!  Above is a “swole”fie from the gym that I took yesterday and here is the post!  I’ll keep hitting it hard in the gym, and I’ll continue to write new posts and share with you.

I also wanted to let you know that my blog is now self-hosted and I have a new business eMail.  You can now contact me at Christian@maxedoutmuscles.co

..and the address to my site is still maxedoutmuscles.co

Don’t be a stranger!  Keep visiting me on the site and we can all tackle fitness and life together!

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