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Taking A Week Off Can Help You Appreciate Working Out

Taking a week off can really help you appreciate working out. I know that I’ve been anxious to get back in the gym all week but I’ve been stopping myself, in fear that I won’t get the full effect of a week’s worth of rest. That may not even be the case, but just the thought is sort of like a placebo that may make me hit the weights twice as hard next week.

I decided to take a week off because I had been going hard at it for three months and I was catching a cold and my joints were hurting. Now I am starting to get better and I feel like that’s all I needed.

It could be extremely beneficial for you. If you’ve been working out for months at a time, it certainly won’t hurt you to get a little rest, as long as you dedicate yourself to going back. Try to become gracious of the time you get to spend getting your body in shape when you go back. Thanks for reading!

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Screw Humble Brags!

You know those people that have to be better than you, and if they aren’t they’ll cut you down? Don’t listen to them!

If there’s one thing your passionate about and you love doing, then feel free to talk about it and maybe brag about it occasionally. I’m not saying you should be one of those douchey people that talks about themselves all the time, but if you want to talk about your achievements once in a while go ahead. If you like to talk about weightlifting, go ahead.

At the end of the day, if someone tries to say “I’d rather not talk about weightlifting because I’m humble” or something like that to you, they’re just bragging about how they don’t brag. Don’t listen to them; they’re the type of people with low self esteem who just want to bring you down so they can bring themselves up.

Again, don’t talk about yourself too much, but feel free to be proud of what you’ve done if you earned it. Remember, that if someone humble brags to you and acts like they’re higher and mightier than you, that they probably aren’t worth your time.

If you liked this post, I also went over naysayers in a different post titled Don’t Ignore Naysayers, Laugh At Them

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Rest Can Be Just As Important As Lifting!

Rest can be just as important as lifting! As long as you spend exercising to tear muscle fibers and beat yourself up, you should rest and allow yourself to heal.

I mentioned earlier that taking a week off of preworkout is important. Also, keep in mind, that taking a week off of exercise may be equally beneficial. You don’t want to go overboard and stop exercising, but if you keep your rest and your expenditure of energy in balance you will see much greater results.

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