Down 15 lbs and Instagramming

I don’t know how I was ever happy weighing 250 lbs and being around 25% body fat. I don’t know how I could have ever been satisfied lifting heavy weights but looking like shit. What I say above is honestly how I’ve felt, and it’s how I felt for the better part of 2015. I know that lifting heavy with good form is great, and that was a big goal of mine, but now I am on to new things. I gained a solid foundation of muscle and built it from the ground up, but now it’s time to lose the fat that I accumulated with that muscle.’s time to cut the crap and cut out the fat. This has been my sentiment for the past 4 months. I know that I did a good job bulking up and I’m proud, and I know that feel that cutting should be just as easy but it hasn’t been and I believe that is for one tremendously overlooked reason: I got so used to eating whatever I could during my bulk, it’s been hard to stay on a diet during my cut. This is not a pity post people and I have to say that right now to remind myself as much to notify you of that fact. It was honestly very upsetting and it effected my attitude towards blogging and life in general. I would tell you, the reader, to do this or that on a cut like I was doing but then I’d fall off the wagon. I felt like a hypocrite, and I felt discouraged. ..but with a challenge like the one I’ve faced you are given two options: GIVE UP or try harder. Giving up would be easy, and you’d never hear from me again but keep in mind that it doesn’t build character. I know that trying harder builds character, and if a strong resolve and a habit of getting things done is all I gain from finishing my cut and sharing my results with you.. ..then it was well beyond worth it! I’ll take the virtues I gained from this time in my life and undoubtedly succeed on my next adventure. As of writing this, I am down 15 lbs at 235 and I am stoked to be sharing that news here on Maxed Out Muscles.    If you’d like to see my results then you’re more than welcome to on my Instagram; just search for username ‘chrboyles’.

Originally posted 2016-04-10 23:08:47.

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