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Site Was Down and New PRs

I have good news and bad news! Which one do you want to hear first?

haha. I know I hate that question because of the “bad news” but I honestly have to say that this isn’t too bad, albeit a little inconvenient. I’ll just get right to the bad news since I’m basically writing to myself ūüėČ

My site has been down! That has absolutely sucked. However, I have it back up and running beautifully and I am happy to have it again. That being said, the bad news may be good news and I hope you’ve stayed with me.

On the flip side, I am ecstatic! I’m so happy that I have been hitting all kinds of new personal records. I am much farther along in my squats and deadlifts.

With that being said, I am proud to say that I am losing weight and achieving my goals. I hope I haven’t come off as bragging, but I suppose every once in a while we need to pay ourselves on the back. I’m just happy to do this on my own little corner of the Internet.

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What I Discovered From My Prescriptions

I think that most people with chronic health conditions can say they’ve learned a lot from their prescriptions. ¬†I don’t know of many situations where they’d honestly be asked what they learned from a prescription, but I know that they do learn something. ¬†That’s whether they are aware of that fact or not!

The person with a disease or condition will know that they’re sick, that their medicine helps with the illness, and then they may be content and continue taking the medicine. ¬†However, there is something we probably all think about that is seriously common sense. ¬†We just all forget about it; possibly because it’s not the easy route. ¬†Popping pills may be easier but I’m talking about something deeper and underlying to many conditions in this post.

What I’m talking about in this post is basically the fact that many problems¬†you’re being treated for could be helped with diet: ¬†My crohn’s disease, eczema(along with better skin care products), psoriasis, sometimes diabetes, oftentimes heart disease, and almost always for simple obesity problems.

When you go to a doctor, that doctor gives you a NON-clean bill of health and then oftentimes hands you a prescription or sends you to a specialist. ¬†If you didn’t get a prescription from the doctor…well, then guess what? ¬†The specialist will generally give you a prescription.

The steroid cream I was prescribed for my eczema.

..and there’s nothing wrong with that! ¬†Not a single thing. ¬†If you go to a doctor looking for treatment for a condition he/she will give you whatever they can to make you feel better. ¬†They’re just doing their job.

However,¬†as I mentioned in a few other posts related to Crohn’s disease, I must stress that prevention and diet is so much more important than popping pills and taking medicine to simply treat the symptoms. ¬†I think it’s similar to having a leaky roof. ¬†If you your roof were leaking you could simply throw some tar on it and hope that sustains, but it’s very likely that eventually the leak will just get worse. ¬†What you want to do is, rather than just patch it up, remove a lot of the shingles and ruined boards and replace them altogether.

You could do this with your body. ¬†Don’t simply patch things up when you have a problem. ¬†I’m trying to use the medicine to keep symptoms down, meanwhile I’m fixing my diet and eating healthier all the time! ¬†I’ve been away from soda for a while, and I recently started juicing fruits and vegetables so that I can get all of my micronutrient intake along with my daily macros that I am oftentimes so worried about!

Not a great photo but my face was a lot blotchier a few weeks ago.

I know that not all things could work for everyone, but rather than over complicate things by seeking every scientific answer possible for diet…Maybe we should sometimes seek traditional remedies and common sense. ¬†Here is why I say that: ¬†Science can take a while to find answers to these illnesses. ¬†It’s a very fair, but slow, process that involves continuous study until there is a definitive answer. ¬†Do your best to follow your doctor’s orders, and do your best to find answers on your own as well.

I know I have been. ¬†I’ve already gotten a lot healthier by drinking these juices and smoothies I’ve made with a juicer. ¬†No added sugar, just regular plant food juiced up! ¬†Today, I juiced up blackberries and blueberries with my creatine. ¬†Have a great day everyone and take care of yourselves and your bodies.

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Beginning A Cutting Season With Some Huge Success

If you want to do a cut, why not make sure you start out strong? As strong, in fact, as you plan on finishing.

Do you want to lose 45 lbs?  Great, do that!  Make some big improvements and lose a lot of weight fast!

Do you want have a smaller goal?

You want to lose 10 lbs and be at 8% body fat?  Great, do that!  Make some BIG Improvements and lose some of that weight right away.

I hope you can read above without reading…well, too much into it! ¬†I don’t want you to go on the craziest cutting season anyone’s ever went on and drive yourself sick. ¬†I want you to improve. ¬†I want you to take where you feel like you’re missing the mark and shoot straight this time of year.

…and most of us know we have to! ¬†It’s getting towards the end of January and, obviously, that means summer is approaching and is closer than it was a month ago. ¬†I know you must be real impressed that I can make such simple conclusions(lol).

All kidding aside, this time of year brings about a sense of urgency and a sense of purpose.  For months, I have been lifting heavier and heavier weight and adding pounds to my frame.  For months, I have eaten whatever I could to get bigger and stronger.

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However, for the past month I have been doing whatever I could to become leaner!

I’ve been doing whatever I can to be leaner, more athletic, and more aesthetic. ¬†I know that I will complete my fitness goals in the months ahead all while combatting my Crohn’s Disease and Eczema. ¬†I know that I will be a much more aesthetically pleasing version of myself. ¬†I know that I’ll have a newfound confidence being that I’ve spent all year focused on one goal

..self-improvement, and the results from this cutting season are a sure fire way to share my progress with others. ¬†It’s a way to show that, through hard work and determination, you can do anything you set your mind to and then some.

At the time of writing this, January 27, 2016, I have already lost almost ten pounds and I plan on losing more to get down to a very stunning physique. ¬†I don’t know how far I want to take it yet, but I know I want to take it far.

Did I want to lose weight fast and begin my cut in a very strong way? ¬†Well, I did! ¬†I succeeded and there’s many more victories to come.

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