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Raising The Steaks


I just wanted to say that I’ve been raising the steaks, and things have been going well!  Yes..I mean steaks and not stakes!  I also have to say that these steaks have been delicious!

I’ve been eating huge amounts of meat these past few weeks as I have been focusing on a primal diet.  I also want you to know that it has worked out well!  I love eating steak, and I love eating chicken.  It also helps that I have a lot of seasonings stocked up.  It’s also needless to say that my grill has gotten a lot of practice.

How I Grill My Steaks
How I Grill My Steaks

As I mentioned a few days ago, the primal dieting has been helping me quite a lot.  I’ve noticed that I’m healthier and I have learned how to cook and shop smarter.

Today, I want to be more specific!  I’ll give you some details and you can possibly decide upon changing up your own diet and making new choices.  Keep in mind that I am not a dietitian, and also that some diets may be a better suit for you, ex: Maybe try a vegan diet.

I’m losing weight:  I have been losing a lot of weight.  To be honest, it’s definitely something that should be expected.  I went from eating high calorie foods to low calories.  On days that I eat chicken breasts throughout the day, I’m only taking in about 1800 calories and that’s counting my baked potatoes and my breakfasts which include eggs and sausage.

DISEASE Symptoms are going away:  My crohn’s disease and eczema are much milder than they were a few months ago.  A few months before December, they were much worse.  Through steady, persistent changes I had gotten healthier but now I am saying that the symptoms are extremely mild and almost nonexistent.

More ENERGY!:  I am feeling great!  I am ready to take charge and enjoy every day.  I live happily and energetically, and it’s honestly surprising that a diet with such fewer carbs is doing that for me.  I can’t say why I’m having this effect, but I can say that I’m happy that it’s going so well for me.

I hope that I am giving you a little bit of insight into primal dieting, Crohn’s Disease, and fitness with these blogs.  Continue to read and feel free to download the Maxed Out Muscles app!

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Maxed Out Muscles Android App


A new Android app, check it out!!!  Maxed Out Muscles has a new Android app for you. The app has a sweet clean design, with sorted categories for you to find what you want quickly.

On top of that new updated post come straight to you with notifications. You don’t have to sign into wordpress, however we do need you gmail address for the notifications, and the ability to comment on the posts on the fly. Also, you as a user can suggest new ideas for the app by contacting me via email or in the comments. 🙂 I hope you love what we’ve done for you.

Get it now on the Google Play store. It is titled Maxed Out Muscles, but I’ll post the link below to take you directly to it if you want to download it:

Thanks for your constant support to Maxed Out Muscles and enjoy the app!

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Learning To Cook With Primal Dieting

I’ve been back on a primal diet kick since the last time I talked to you. So far, so good! I had a few concerns when I decided to try primal dieting again:

  1. Too difficult – I was wrong! This isn’t difficult at all. I’m enjoying it and I’ll tell you why in just a moment.
  2. Less food options – This turned out to be true, but only to an extent!
  3. Expensive – Wrong! Completely wrong! Mainly because of my previous choices, the primal diet is cheaper. The previous choices are a big part of why the primal diet is so much better!

In all reality, the primal diet wasn’t the problem but it’s a solution. Of course, that’s nothing mind-blowing, a diet is made to be a solution. 

It’s solved so many of the problems I thought it would cause! I noticed that it’s not difficult, mainly because I find rad ways to cook my meat portions. I buy all sorts of seasonings and I’ve enjoyed my meals.

Again, with the seasonings I notice a lot more flavor in my meat. I notice that I’m a better cook. I also notice that I have more options because I used to never expand my plates. I’d eat junk, junk, and more junk. As of now, I’m eating meat and a plethora of fruits and vegetables.

It’s also surprising how much cheaper it is, but I suppose grocery bills tend to be less than constantly dining out.

To conclude my thoughts today, I am happy, healthier, and proud that I am learning new things. Thanks for reading.

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