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Maxed Out Muscles is my story, advice, and mission.  My name is Christian Boyles and I have been fighting a tough battle against Crohn’s Disease.  In order to keep my disease in remission I am exercising and making sure I am in the best shape of my life.  In order to make this a positive mission, I am doing my absolute best and pursuing my dream of becoming a personal trainer and nutritional expert.

Crohn’s Disease definitely put me in the position to make a decision, and I made the right one.  I made the decision to turn such a negative situation into something positive.  I chose to begin this website and pursue the dreams I mentioned above.

And I chose to allow you to come with me on this journey.

I will always do my best to give you fresh, quality content.  It’s here, on M.O.M., that I aim to inspire and motivate you!  

39 thoughts on “About M.O.M Maxed Out Muscles”

  1. You seem like an amazing human being on a journey to fight a disease and help other people on the way. I can connect to your story in a way, I have kidney disease and received a kidney transplant. Running and keeping active has kept my body balanced as I am on immune suppressants and need to keep my body fit to be able to handle the medication. I look forward to following you and exploring your piece of internet real estate more. Oh and by the way thanks for liking my post.

  2. You’ll get your dream because you turned a negative into a positive (a deliberate practice of gratitude) and because achieving your dream helps many others (an exercise in generosity.) Gratitude and generosity; there’s no stopping that combo. Keep on writing and living life to the max. Thanks for appreciating my wordsmith-ing.

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