Why Limit Yourself

When I started blogging, I thought I was going to talk about fitness all of the time.  Looking back, that was silly!  I’ll admit that, too, because I had just started working out but I realize I started the blog as kind of a way of making a chronological blog for fitness.  It’s a way of sharing with  you the trial and error as I attempt to define my body and define myself.

“..I attempt to define my body and define myself.”

With that in mind, I think that it’s actually a pretty cool idea!  However, I also like to talk about Crohn’s Disease and other autoimmune disorders.  I also like to talk about nutrition and I like making “Join the Discussion”‘s about nearly anything, and I love blogging about random events.

..so, in retrospect, I think I had a good idea but I was totally limiting myself.

I realized that moving forward as I added more categories.  Now, with the new webpage, I am hoping that you can easily navigate to any part of Maxed Out Muscles that you’d enjoy the most.  I hope you enjoy it!

Home page is now completed with better navigation.
Home page is now completed with better navigation.


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Building Muscle Is Mostly A Matter of Consistency

First post on “MAXED OUT MUSCLES”, or MOM for short, and I just want to keep it simple and say that building up muscle is mostly just a matter of consistency.  Don’t worry about your gains too much or read a million articles.  Just go to the gym and get shit done.  As long as you are consistently working out, you will get amazing results in a year.  Done.

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BroScience Or Gym Shaman Elliott Hulse

I had an interesting thought today while writing a previous post.  I was thinking to myself, “I could share a video to entertain them.  I don’t know which one though.  I really like Elliott Hulse’s videos but I think Brosciencelife videos are hilarious.”

Thinking about the two and how drastically different they are, I decided to share them both and let you decide who gives the better advice(yes, I know brosciencelife is satire but I think most of their viewers actually take their advice.  Also, E. Hulse could be looked at in such a light due to his energetic attitude and off the wall advice at times…not hating, just stating).

Now, to compare the bro-scientist to the gym shaman.

Bro scientist vs Gym shaman
Bro scientist vs Gym shaman

To find the answer, subjectively, you can decide whose advice you’d take on preworkout in the videos below:

Gym Shaman Elliott Hulse:

Bro Scientist Dom:

There you have it!  You got to see both perspectives and I’m sure you decided for yourself!  With all that being said, I’m going to go drian a Monster and hit the gym!

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