Positive Thoughts Promote A Good Body

Just by having positive thoughts, you can have a better chance at getting that physique you want. More than likely, if you keep your mind positive and follow up with good diet and workouts, you will achieve your physique goals.

Why is this so? Because, simply by thinking positive you are avoiding body dismorphia. I’m not saying you should stop eating right and exercising, but a lot of people struggle with beating themselves up when the scale doesn’t say what they want it to or they think in their minds that they look chubbier one day.

The truth is something like that could be caused by water retention or gained muscle. Simply stick to your diet and exercise, and don’t stress. Stay positive! There’s no better way to be. 

After all, you want to enjoy every step of the way towards your end results. Whether it be bigger arms, six pack abs, or great conditioning you just need to keep your diet and exercise in check and also remember to love yourself every step of the way.

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Fast-Paced Life Can Slow Gainz

Today, I went to the gym with the goal in mind of crushing back and biceps. I got there and I talked to my friend who is insanely strong and going to do some bodybuilding competitions early next year.

It’s natural to feel somewhat weak when you’re working out in front of someone who is a lot further along in their physical development than yourself, but I felt a different kind of ‘nudge’. The kind of nudge that was telling me I have been doing something wrong. Although my gains in the gym have been fine, I still lacked in some areas much more than others. My biceps have been my weakest point. I noticed that my forearms were small. I also realized I have been doing the same weight on most of my workouts for a month.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again before I get too far ahead of myself:  THE NUMBER ONE THING IS CONSISTENCY. It’s keeping at it through thick and thin that is most important. However, once in a while you should examine yourself and make sure that you are having some improvement. I did that and I realized I’ve had none in a month.
So I did some thinking and I truly believe it’s a result of too much stress. I’ve been stressed by work and hanging out with friends and having just turned 21 and there always seems to be something going on. Also, I have to think about college. So you’d think that just having stuff on my mind shouldn’t bother me, but it’s more than that. 

When you’re always on the run, sometimes you forget to focus on your direction; sometimes you need to slow it down. My life has been so fast paced lately that I have eaten less and haven’t worked out as hard as I believe I should have. These kinds of things are fine if your goal is to maintain the muscle mass you have, and if you’re a beginner you’ll get stronger anyways…however, after a while working out you need to focus on your lifestyle and shut out the noise from the outside world. Focus on your goals, what kind of training and diet you need, and place it first. Finally, and possibly most importantly, get plenty of rest as your body needs to heal. 

Going through these plans I know I will continue to grow, and if you do the same it is my belief you will too. Done.

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Gym Buddy/Relationship Goals

It really helps a lot in the gym to have a good gym buddy to work out with. If you can find someone who shares the same interest in whatever type of program you are doing (ex. Weight lifting, conditioning, bodybuilding, strongman, running..) then you can probably get better results. It will help you if you have someone pushing you harder the whole time.

I remember back in high school I didn’t think I would ever get in shape and I felt miserable because I hadn’t competed in any athletics so my junior year I ran cross country. I went from not being able to run a mile to running 3 miles in under 20 minutes. I had also gotten in great shape, cutting down from 200 lbs to 180 lbs.

I found that being on that cross country team with runners who were better than me and were my friends motivated me. I use that same tactic today just with a different goal, gaining lean muscle. I am currently bulking and went from 220 to 230 lbs these past few months, thanks in part to having a good gym partner to keep me on track.

So if you want the extra push or motivation you can have, find a gym buddy or boyfriend/girlfriend who has the same fitness goals as you and workout together.

I can’t remember where I heard this but just remember that “those who train together, gain together.”

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