Dropping Excuses and Succeeding

I was wanting to make a post to update all of you, my subscribers, if anyone still checks in on my blog once in a while.  I wanted to be spontaneous and original, and I wanted to express myself as genuinely as possible.

I feel that this is a successful attempt at that.  The title for this post, Dropping Excuses and Succeeding, happened to be a blog that I almost wrote WAYYY back in April.  That’s right around the time that I quit blogging because I was working so much.  I worked so many hours that, while I had a chance to write, I really just didn’t want to do that.

I put myself first the past 9 months.  This website was a duty to me, a hobby, and a job.  When I got a new job in March, my priorities changed.  I had to pay off debts, work really hard, and figure out what to do with myself!

However, the Christian Boyles that went to work at this job was not, by any means, the Christian Boyles that worked at his previous job.  Over the past few months, I’ve been told numerous times by people with much higher positions than myself that I’m very analytical.  This has been a good thing for me, and their statement was a reminder of all the days I sat by myself thinking and when I wrote posts for Maxed Out Muscles.

More than anything, this website has been a place of growth for me.  Having time with myself and sharing my thoughts with others, while learning better attitudes and attributes have brought me to the conclusion that I needed this site.

Since the last time I wrote I’ve went from being an inspector(temp-employee at that) to a team leader, and as of this week I have been promoted to the title of production supervisor.  That brings me to the moral of the story, the whole point in writing this post, and the reason I’m here today:

It makes sense that I was moved to begin writing a post in April titled “Dropping Excuses and Succeeding” because that’s exactly what I did, and what I will continue to do in my life.  It’s what I, the writer, would urge you, the reader, to do with your own life.  It’s not impossible, and the success may not even be difficult, but you’re the first person you have to win over.

My new car.  I love it!
My new car. I love it!

You’re the first person you have to win over.  You’re the first person you have to convince that you’re good enough.  You’ve got to take pride in yourself, affirm yourself daily as someone who will succeed, and go out and show the world what you are worth!

Along the way, people will notice and you will gain mentors.  At that point, it’s important to remember that you can’t always be a talker because it’s time to listen.  You listen to your mentors, push hard, and hold your head high.  You can achieve anything.

I’m so glad I was making this post 7 months ago, and I’m elated that I can finish it from a place of experience.  I’m finally not telling you these things out of simple faith, which is important, but from actually walking the walk and going through it!




Learning To Cook With Primal Dieting

I’ve been back on a primal diet kick since the last time I talked to you. So far, so good! I had a few concerns when I decided to try primal dieting again:

  1. Too difficult – I was wrong! This isn’t difficult at all. I’m enjoying it and I’ll tell you why in just a moment.
  2. Less food options – This turned out to be true, but only to an extent!
  3. Expensive – Wrong! Completely wrong! Mainly because of my previous choices, the primal diet is cheaper. The previous choices are a big part of why the primal diet is so much better!

In all reality, the primal diet wasn’t the problem but it’s a solution. Of course, that’s nothing mind-blowing, a diet is made to be a solution. 

It’s solved so many of the problems I thought it would cause! I noticed that it’s not difficult, mainly because I find rad ways to cook my meat portions. I buy all sorts of seasonings and I’ve enjoyed my meals.

Again, with the seasonings I notice a lot more flavor in my meat. I notice that I’m a better cook. I also notice that I have more options because I used to never expand my plates. I’d eat junk, junk, and more junk. As of now, I’m eating meat and a plethora of fruits and vegetables.

It’s also surprising how much cheaper it is, but I suppose grocery bills tend to be less than constantly dining out.

To conclude my thoughts today, I am happy, healthier, and proud that I am learning new things. Thanks for reading.

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Breaking In On Leg Day

I’ve been taking a few days off to relax. It’s really helped me feel like I have some control over my time, and it’s helped me keep calm through the week.

However, there’s a time to relax and a time to work hard and today was one of the latter times. I got back from my weekend and went on to work out on legs.  I didn’t do a lot for squats but substituted some leg presses and some isolation exercises.

I feel that they are important, and ALSO I’ve noticed that my back has been hurting a lot more lately. It’s my personal belief that proper squats will help me with that by increasing my core stability and strength.

With that all being said, I enjoyed my time off but hitting the gym can be a lot more productive for multiple reasons.


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