Positive Thoughts Promote A Good Body

Just by having positive thoughts, you can have a better chance at getting that physique you want. More than likely, if you keep your mind positive and follow up with good diet and workouts, you will achieve your physique goals.

Why is this so? Because, simply by thinking positive you are avoiding body dismorphia. I’m not saying you should stop eating right and exercising, but a lot of people struggle with beating themselves up when the scale doesn’t say what they want it to or they think in their minds that they look chubbier one day.

The truth is something like that could be caused by water retention or gained muscle. Simply stick to your diet and exercise, and don’t stress. Stay positive! There’s no better way to be. 

After all, you want to enjoy every step of the way towards your end results. Whether it be bigger arms, six pack abs, or great conditioning you just need to keep your diet and exercise in check and also remember to love yourself every step of the way.

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Knowledge is Power

Hey all!

I just wanted to know your thoughts today on something that seems to be coming up a lot!  Knowledge is power, right?  If you study something more, then you’ll know more about it.  If you know more about a subject and apply your knowledge, you gain wisdom.  With your newly acquired knowledge and wisdom are you becoming an expert?  Is that a guide to success?

People like Tai Lopez think so… I see his video ads all the time!

THIS GUY is Tai Lopez in his commercial..image pulled from socialnewsdaily.com
THIS GUY is Tai Lopez in his commercial..image pulled from socialnewsdaily.com

He walks into his garage, and he says so, in this ad before your video plays and he says something like,

“Hey there.  Just chilling here in my Beverly Hills Garage next to this….new lamborghini I just bought.  BUT you know what I like more than materialistic things?  KNOWLEDGE.   I just finished installing this book shelf for all these new books I bought.  It’s like the billionaire investor Warren Buffet said, ‘The more you LEARN, the more you EARN.'” – Tai Lopez

Honestly, this seems like fairly sound advice!  I’m a little skeptical about buying into someone’s self help books though, and I know we can all come to our own conclusions and discussions.

I know Elliott Hulse said something similar about working hard to become successful,

“Don’t do it for what you’re going to get, do it for who you’re going to become out of it.” – E. Hulse

I just wonder about the experiences we have, the knowledge we gain, and the wisdom we earn…are they all a testament to the old adage that “knowledge is power”?


PS/ This is a JOIN THE DISCUSSION post.  I’ll try finding the older JTC posts and archiving them with this one so that you can read through them and leave your ideas.

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Sleeping Eight Hours Helps You Lose Weight And Makes You Healthier

What are some ways to boost your metabolism, testosterone, and as a byproduct increase your weight loss(or gain, depending on your goals)?

Sleeping eight hours a night!  Or sleeping seven…heck, it really is subjective and can be dependent on many factors.  The main point is, sleep as much as you can and relax at night.  Your body may thank you for it.

According to the National Institute of Health(click here to read their article), the average amount of sleep needed for adults is 7-8 hours!  That includes the elderly, and younger people require even more sleep.

According to that same article, people need their sleep…

uh, no duh!  Right!? Haha

But the point is that if you don’t get enough sleep then you’ll accumulate what is known as a sleep debt.  If you lose 2 hours of sleep a night, then you will actually have fourteen hours of sleep debt at the end of the week.  So what’s wrong with having a little sleep debt?  Don’t we all keep debt?

Yes, but we pay on it!  If you accumulate sleep debt, then according to NIH, you will have a higher risk of health complications.

and for the correlation with low testosterone and metabolism?

Well, a study conducted by NIH on elderly men showed some consistency in increased adipose in older men who got less sleep than their well-sleeping arch enemies.

My opinion,

Start setting your alarms earlier and going to bed earlier!  It can only help you in the long run, really, as long as it doesn’t conflict with your work schedule.  Remember to find a way to place your health first as your health should always be your number one priority.

..Provided by freeimages.com.  I had to use this because...THAT PUPPY IS SOO CUTE! LOL
..Provided by freeimages.com. I had to use this because…THAT PUPPY IS SOO CUTE! LOL

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